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Les Haldane Mechanical has team of four mechanics that will give you top service. Some of the things... More

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Specialising in... Mechanical Repairs Log Book Services Cooling Systems Electrical Fleet Maintenance... More

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Les Haldane Mechanical specialises in: Forklift repairs & service Owner Les Haldane has over 30 year... More

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Looking for answers?

"General questions"

Q:  If I get my log book service done with you , will I still get my manufacturers warranty?

A:  Yes. We do log book servicing and stamp your book. As long as you get your servicing done when it is due, and get us to stamp and sign the log book, the warranty will still be valid. We use quality parts and lubricants that do not affect your warranty.

Q:  Can I drop my car off with you and pick it up at the end of the day?

A:  Yes. We open at 8am and you are most welcome to drop your car with us and have your repairs done and pick it up anytime before 5pm. We call/SMS you when it is ready and you can pick it you at your leisure. 

Q:  How can I pay my bill?

A:  We accept Cash, credit cards, efpos, and cheques. Sorry we don't do credit accounts.

"How do I know if my online quote request has worked?"

We will contact you to confirm a time to view your vehicle once we have received your online submission. We will contact you via telephone during business hours, unless otherwise indicated.

We will get back to you within 48hrs, depending on customer demand.

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