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Les Haldane Mechanical has team of four mechanics that will give you top service. Some of the things... More

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Les Haldane Mechanical specialises in: Forklift repairs & service Owner Les Haldane has over 30 year... More

Manufacturers Log Book Services


2013-08-28 16:42:05    None

Manufacturers Log Book Services

Don’t be misled about servicing your new car. New Car Franchise Dealers cannot maintain a monopoly on “Log Book” Servicing, nor can they suggest that new car warranty is void if the service is carried out by other than the New Car Franchise Dealer.

 It is important to have your car serviced regularly to ensure its safe operation, reliability and that it runs economically. A logbook service is a comprehensive service that examines your vehicle in the way that the manufacturer intended.

At Les Haldane Mechanical, we carry out Log Book Servicing to or above  the manufacturers specifications. We use top quality lubricants and parts, and our technicians are trained in late model vehicle technology through the Autotech network and have access to up to date information.

We’ll ensure all checks, measures and replacement service items are carried out in exact accordance with how the manufacturer intended. This means nothing is left to chance and nothing is serviced or replaced unnecessarily. We offer a competitive rate and can carry out a logbook service on any new or used car according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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